The Freja Mission [E-Book] / edited by Rickard Lundin, Gerhard Haerendel, Sven Grahn.
Grahn, Sven, (editor)
Haerendel, Gerhard, (editor) / Lundin, Rickard, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1995
V, 206 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • The Freja Science Mission
  • The Freja Ultraviolet Imager
  • The Electron Beam Instrument (F6) on Freja
  • Magnetic Field Experiment on the Freja Satellite
  • The Double Probe Electric Field Experiment on Freja: Experiment Description and First Results
  • The TESP Electron Spectrometer and Correlator on Freja
  • The Freja F3C Cold Plasma Analyzer
  • The Freja Hot Plasma Experiment — Instrument and First Results
  • The Freja Wave and Plasma Density Experiment
  • Plasma Characteristics Determined by the Freja Electric Field Instrument.