Bubble Dynamics and Interface Phenomena [E-Book] : Proceedings of an IUTAM Symposium held in Birmingham, U.K., 6–9 September 1993 / edited by J. R. Blake, J. M. Boulton-Stone, N. H. Thomas.
Blake, J. R., (editor)
Boulton-Stone, J. M., (editor) / Thomas, N. H., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1994
XVII, 494 p. online resource.
Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications ; 23
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Table of Contents:
  • One: Bubble dynamics and bubble interactions
  • Bubble dynamics: Some things we did not know ten years ago.
  • Experimental studies of bubble collapse.
  • Interaction of two laser-produced cavitation bubbles near boundaries.
  • Interaction of two laser-induced cavitation bubbles.
  • Dynamics of cavitation bubble interactions.
  • Vortex simulations of bubble oscillations.
  • Self-propulsion of bubbles in a weakly nonuniform flow field.
  • The dynamics of cavity clusters in polymer aqueous solutions subjected to an oscillating pressure.
  • Dynamics of bubbly clusters and free surfaces at shock wave reflection.
  • Time-resolved measurements of shock-wave emission and cavitation-bubble generation in intraocular laser surgery with ps- and ns-pulses.
  • Two: Sound and wave propagation
  • On equations of dynamics of bubbly liquids.
  • Equations describing the propagation of nonlinear modulation waves in bubbly liquids.
  • Linear wave propagation in bubbly liquids with a continuous bubble size distribution.
  • Active and passive acoustic roles of bubbles in the ocean.
  • Transient bubble oscillations associated with the underwater noise of rain detected optically and some properties of light scattered by bubbles.
  • Cavitation nuclei and thresholds of acoustic cavitation in ocean water.
  • Three; Bubbles in flow
  • Bubble dynamics and the sound emitted by cavitation.
  • Strong bubble/bubble and bubble/flow interactions.
  • Comparison of observed and calculated shapes of travelling cavitation bubbles.
  • Patch cavitation in flow past a rigid body.
  • Dynamic calibration of transient sensors by spark generated cavity.
  • Observations of cloud cavitation on a stationary 2D profile.
  • Numerical simulations of rising bubbles.
  • Modelling bubbly flows.
  • Role of coherent structures in bubble transport by turbulent shear flows.
  • A new design of the cavitation susceptibility meter: The venturix.
  • Four: Sonoluminescence, acoustic cavitation and ultrasound
  • Single-bubble sonoluminescence.
  • Approaching bubble dynamics with lasers, holography and computers.
  • Pressure measurements during acoustic cavitation by sonoluminescence.
  • Bubbles deformation and interface disruption as a source of sonochemical and sono-luminescent activity.
  • Sonochemistry — The chemical uses of cavitation.
  • Response of bubbles to ultrasonic radiation pressure: Dynamics in low gravity and shape oscillations.
  • Surface mode deformations on an oscillating bubble.
  • Visualisation of laser-induced vapor bubbles and pressure waves.
  • Five: Jet impact and underwater explosions
  • Low-pressure zones under a liquid-solid impact.
  • Inertial shocks in surface waves and collapsing bubbles
  • Jet formation at a free surface.
  • The rebound of toroidal bubbles.
  • Energy losses in non-classical free surface flows.
  • Behaviour of an underwater explosion bubble near a rigid boundary: Theory and experiment.
  • The behavior of a cavitation bubble near a rigid wall.
  • Numerical simulation of the interaction of an explosion bubble with a submerged spherical pressure vessel.
  • Six: Bursting bubbles, coalescence and internal phenomena
  • Bouncing and coalescence phenomena of two bubbles in water.
  • Bursting of bubbles stabilised by surfactans for control of cell damage.
  • Internal phenomena in bubble motion.
  • Investigations into the use of two frequency excitation to accurately determine bubble sizes.
  • Index of authors and papers.