Solar Surface Magnetism [E-Book] / edited by Robert J. Rutten, Carolus J. Schrijver.
Rutten, Robert J., (editor)
Schrijver, Carolus J., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1994
XI, 538 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences ; 433
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Table of Contents:
  • I. Context
  • The Sun among the stars
  • II. Techniques
  • Recipes for solar polarimetry
  • Some aspects of polarimetry with LEST
  • Speckle techniques for spectroscopic observations
  • The Fe I 10265 Å line as an excellent tool for magnetic field measurements
  • III. Magnetic elements
  • Properties of small magnetic elements
  • Dynamics of small magnetic elements in a growing active region
  • The upper photosphere and lower chromosphere of small-scale magnetic features
  • Vector spectropolarimetry with the Advanced Stokes Polarimeter (ASP) for quantitative solar magnetometry
  • Preliminary properties of pores derived from 1.56 micron lines
  • The magnetic chromosphere
  • Fine structures of the solar chromospheres
  • Non-linearities of chromospheric oscillations
  • Chromospheric oscillations
  • Modelling umbrae
  • Sunspot temperatures
  • Interpretation of sunspot oscillations
  • Dynamics of the Evershed effect
  • The cause of the Evershed effect in sunspots: flows or waves?
  • An analytical model for fluted sunspots and a new interpretation of Evershed flow
  • Some consequences of an uncombed and inhomogeneous penumbra
  • IV. Magnetic patterns
  • On photospheric flows and chromospheric corks
  • Large-scale photospheric motions: first results from an extraordinary eleven-hour granulation observation
  • Solar magnetic fields and percolation theory
  • Scaling properties of photospheric magnetic fields
  • Magnetoconvective patterns
  • Average east-west inclinations of surface magnetic field lines
  • Magnetic field configurations basic to filament channels and filaments
  • An observational and conceptual model of the magnetic field of a filament
  • The solar magnetic cycle
  • Cycle patterns of the axisymmetric magnetic field
  • Returning to the random walk
  • V. Theory of magnetoconvection
  • The solar dynamo
  • Dynamics of erupting magnetic flux tubes
  • Theory of passive magnetic field transport
  • Dynamic interaction of convection with magnetic flux sheets: first results of a new MHD code
  • Magnetoconvection and magnetoturbulence
  • VI. Prospects
  • Solar surface magnetism: quests for observations
  • The THEMIS telescope
  • THEMIS polarimetry
  • SOHO: science objectives and capabilities
  • Author index
  • Citation index.