Comets in the Post-Halley Era [E-Book] : In Part Based on Reviews Presented at the 121st Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Bamberg, Germany, April 24–28, 1989 / edited by R. L. Newburn, M. Neugebauer, J. Rahe.
Neugebauer, M., (editor)
Newburn, R. L., (editor) / Rahe, J., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1991
XIV, 688 p. online resource.
Astrophysics and Space Science Library, A Series of Books on the Recent Developments of Space Science and of General Geophysics and Astrophysics Published in Connection with the Journal Space Science Reviews ; 167
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Table of Contents:
  • Section I: Observing Techniques and Interpretation
  • Cometary Orbital Dynamics and Astrometry
  • Cometary Photometry
  • Infrared Techniques for Comet Observations
  • Infrared Spectroscopy of Cometary Parent Molecules
  • Carbonaceous Compounds in Comets: Infrared Observations
  • Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Cometary Comae
  • The Study of Comets at Radio Wavelengths
  • A Review of Radio Interferometric Imaging of Comets
  • The Modern Role of Visual Observations of Comets
  • Section II: Laboratory Studies and Simulations
  • Physical Properties of Frozen Volatiles—Their Relevance to the Study of Comet Nuclei
  • Irradiation Effects on Comets and Cometary Debris
  • Laboratory Simulation of Cometary Processes: Results From First KOSI Experiments
  • Laboratory Simulation of Cometary Structures
  • Recent Laboratory Photochemical Studies and Their Relationship to the Photochemical Formation of Cometary Radicals
  • Section III: Comets, Origins, and Evolution
  • The Accumulation and Structure of Comets
  • Chemical Theories on the Origin of Comets
  • Nature and History of the Organic Compounds in Comets: An Astrophysical View
  • Noble Gases in Terrestrial Planets: Evidence for Cometary Impacts?
  • Biological Implications of Organic Compounds in Comets
  • Dynamical History of the Oort Cloud
  • Statistical and Evolutionary Aspects of Cometary Orbits
  • End Products of Cometary Evolution: Cometary Origin of Earth-Crossing Bodies of Asteroidal Appearance
  • Debris From Comets: The Evolution of Meteor Streams
  • Evolution of Cometary Debris: Physical Aspects
  • Evidence for Physical Aging of Periodic Comets
  • Physical Aging in Comets
  • Contributing Authors.