Generators and Relations in Groups and Geometries [E-Book] / edited by A. Barlotti, E. W. Ellers, P. Plaumann, K. Strambach.
Barlotti, A., (editor)
Ellers, E. W., (editor) / Plaumann, P., (editor) / Strambach, K., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1991
XV, 447 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series ; 333
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Table of Contents:
  • I Optimal factorization of matrices, length problems
  • I.1 Classical group
  • I.2 Generators of automorphism groups of module
  • I.3 Generators of automorphism groups of Cayley algebra
  • I.4 Products of matrice
  • II Reflection geometry
  • II.1 Reflection groups — On pre-Hjelmslev groups and related topic
  • II.2 Unitary geometry
  • II.3 Lie and algebraic Johnsen group
  • III Nice generators and relations, applications
  • III.1 2-Generation of finite simple groups and some related topic
  • III.2 Coxeter groups and three related topic
  • III.3 Geometric structure of conjugacy classes in algebraic group
  • III.4 Groups with polynomial growth and differential geometry
  • III.5 Analyticity and growth of pro p-group
  • III.6 Intersections of local algebraic extensions of a Hilbertian fiel
  • III.7 Generators and relations for discontinuous group.