The Three Galileos: The Man, the Spacecraft, the Telescope [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Conference held in Padova, Italy on January 7–10, 1997 / edited by Cesare Barbieri, Jürgen H. Rahe, Torrence V. Johnson, Anita M. Sohus.
Barbieri, Cesare, (editor)
Johnson, Torrence V., (editor) / Rahe, Jürgen H., (editor) / Sohus, Anita M., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1998
XVII, 459 p. online resource.
Astrophysics and Space Science Library ; 220
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Table of Contents:
  • The Man
  • Galileo’s Telescopic Observations: The Marvel and Meaning of Discovery
  • The Discovery by Galileo of Jupiter’s Moons
  • The Abodes of Galileo Galilei in Padova
  • The Galileo Spacecraft
  • Project Galileo — The Jupiter Mission
  • The German Contribution to Project Galileo
  • Galileo at Jupiter: First Results
  • Images from the Galileo Mission
  • The Galileo Spacecraft Architecture
  • The Galileo Spacecraft: A Communications Legacy for Future Space Flight
  • Galileo’s Telecommunications Using the Low-Gain Spacecraft Antenna
  • Navigation of the Galileo Spacecraft
  • Galileo Spacecraft Operations
  • Galileo’s Legacy to Cassini: Historical, Philosophical, and Physical
  • The Medicean Moons
  • The Formation of Jupiter’s Satelites: Relation of Present Appearance with Past History
  • Geology of Europa: Galileo Update
  • Bombardment History of the Jovian System
  • Atmospheres of the Medicean Moons
  • The Io Plasma Torus
  • Observations of Mutual Events Between Jupiter Satellites
  • Control Networks of the Galilean Satellites: Solutions for Size and Shape
  • Atmospheres
  • Chemistry and Clouds of the Jupiter’s Atmosphere: A Galileo Perspective
  • Galileo Infrared Observations of Jupiter
  • The Dynamics of Jupiter’s Atmosphere from the Galileo Orbiter Imaging System
  • Galileo Probe Measurements of the Deep Zonal Winds of Jupiter
  • On the Origin of Jupiter’s Atmosphere and the Volatiles on the Medicean Stars
  • Magnetospheres
  • The Magnetic Fields of the Galilean Moons of Jupiter: The Galileo Spacecraft Magnetometer Results
  • Dust Measurements from Galileo’s Second Orbit About Jupiter
  • The Energetic Particles Detector (EPD) aboard the Galileo Spacecraft: First Results in the Jovian Magnetosphere
  • The Galileo Telescope
  • The Galileo Italian National Telescope and its Instrumentation
  • The Galileo Telescope’s Active Optics System
  • The Adaptive Optics Module for the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo
  • Instrumentation and Observing Techniques from Galilei to the TNG
  • Data Handling and Archiving at the Galileo Telescope
  • Remote Control of the Galileo Telescope and the EU “REMOT”
  • SARG: The High Resolution Spectrograph of TNG
  • A Real-Time Speckle Facility for the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo
  • Seeing Prevision — A Possible Application to the TNG Telescope at La Palma
  • Eclipse Observations of the Lunar Atmosphere from the TNG Site
  • Coordination of Space and Ground-Based Observations
  • Dynamics in the Jovian System
  • Ground-based Remote Sensing of Energetic Neutral Atoms in Jupiter’s Magnetosphere
  • Analysis of Galileo Doppler Measurements During the Solar Occultations in 1994 and 1995
  • Plates
  • Organizing Institutions and Committees
  • Author Index
  • List of Participants.