Comparative Planetology with an Earth Perspective [E-Book] : Proceedings of the First International Conference held in Pasadena, California, June 6–8, 1994 / edited by Moustafa T. Chahine, Michael F. A’Hearn, Jürgen Rahe, Pamela Solomon, Neil L. Nickle.
A’Hearn, Michael F., (Herausgeber)
Chahine, Moustafa T., (Herausgeber) / Nickle, Neil L., (Herausgeber) / Rahe, Jürgen, (Herausgeber) / Solomon, Pamela, (Herausgeber)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1995
X, 230 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Formation of the Terrestrial Planets
  • Geology of Terrestrial Planets with Dynamic Atmospheres
  • CO2 Cooling in Terrestrial Planet Thermospheres
  • Constraints on the Martian Cratering Rate Based on the SNC Meteorites and Implications for Mars Climatic History
  • Factors Controlling Volcanism and Tectonism in Solar System Solid Bodies
  • Giant Planet Formation: A Comparative View of Gas-Accretion
  • Giant Planet Formation: Dynamical Stability of a Massive Envelope
  • Origin of the Major Planet Atmospheres: Clues from Trace Species
  • The Chemical Atmospheric Composition of the Giant Planets
  • NH3, H2S, and the Radio Brightness Temperature Spectra of the Giant Planets
  • Titan’s Atmosphere and Surface: Parallels and Differences with the Primitive Earth
  • Cryovolcanism on the Icy Satellites
  • Formation of Satellite and Ring Systems: Comparative Aspects
  • Frozen Fields
  • Planetary Dynamos
  • Planetary Magnetospheres
  • Boundary Determinations from Low Frequency Magnetic Field Measurements
  • Evolution of Planetary Ringmoon Systems
  • Thermal History of Planetary Materials in the Solar Nebula
  • Migration of Bodies in the Accumulation of Planets
  • List of Participants
  • The ‘Kluwer’ LaTeX Style File: Instructions for Authors
  • Author Index
  • Volume Contents.