Mathematics and Computing [E-Book] : Third International Conference, ICMC 2017, Haldia, India, January 17-21, 2017, Proceedings / edited by Debasis Giri, Ram N. Mohapatra, Heinrich Begehr, Mohammad S. Obaidat.
Begehr, Heinrich, (editor)
Giri, Debasis, (editor) / Mohapatra, Ram N., (editor) / Obaidat, Mohammad S., (editor)
Singapore : Springer, 2017
XX, 424 p. 51 illus. online resource.
Communications in Computer and Information Science ; 655
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Table of Contents:
  • Security and privacy
  • Design of a certicateless designated server based searchable public key encryption scheme
  • On the Security of a Searchable Anonymous Attribute Based Encryption
  • Security on "Secure Remote Login Scheme with Password and Smart Card Update Facilities”
  • Design of Secure and Efficient Electronic Payment System for Mobile Users
  • A Deep Learning Based Artificial Neural Network Approach for Intrusion Detection
  • Computing
  • A Note on the Optimal Immunity of Boolean Functions against Fast Algebraic Attacks
  • Study of Five‐Neighborhood Linear Hybrid Cellular Automata and their Synthesis
  • Cache optimized solution for sparse linear system over large order finite field
  • Connected Fair Domination in Graphs
  • Coordinating Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization and K‐Opt algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem
  • FASER128 and its countermeasure
  • Modelling of Aircraft’s Dynamics Using Least Square Support Vector Machine Regression
  • Accommodative FAS‐FMG multilevel based meshfree augmented RBF‐FD method for Navier‐Stokes equations in spherical geometry
  • Applied Mathematics. Bessel sequences and Frames in Semi‐inner product Spaces
  • Finiteness of Criss‐Cross Method in Complementarity Problem
  • Imprecise Constrained Covering Solid Travelling Salesman Problem with Credibility
  • Newton Like Line Search Method using q‐Calculus
  • Existence results of a generalized mixed exponential type vector variational‐like inequalities. - On Approximate Solutions to One Class of Nonlinear Differential Equations
  • A Davidon‐Fletcher‐Powell Type Quasi‐Newton Method to Solve Fuzzy Optimization Problems
  • Bifurcation analysis of a delayed modified Holling‐Tanner predator‐prey model with refuge
  • Improvement of analytical solution to the inverse truly nonlinear oscillator by Extended Iterative method. - Constrained Data Visualization using Rational Bi‐cubic Fractal Functions
  • Electrokinetic flow in a surface corrugated microchannel
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Fundamental solutions to the Laplacian in plane domains bounded by ellipses
  • A Nice Representation for a Link between Bernstein‐Durrmeyer and Kantorovich Operators
  • Construction of Fractal Bases for Spaces of Functions. – Infinite Matrices Bounded on Weighted $c_0$ Space
  • Mapping properties of one class of quasielliptic operators
  • $\mathcal{I}_\lambda$‐ Double Statistical Convergence In Topological Groups
  • Superconvergence results for Volterra‐Urysohn integral equations of second kind
  • Derivations on Lie Ideals of Prime Gamma‐Rings
  • 4.9 $\lambda_{d}$‐ Statistical convergence, $\lambda_{d}$‐ statistical boundedness and strong $\left( V,\lambda \right) _{d}‐$summability\ in metric spaces
  • On Gamma‐rings with Permuting Skew Tri‐derivations
  • A Higher Order Implicit Method for Numerical Solution of Singular Initial Value Problems.