Fins into limbs : evolution, development, and transformation [E-Book] / edited by Brian K. Hall.
Hall, Brian Keith
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2007
433 pages, [20] pages of plates : illustrations (some col.).
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Table of Contents:
  • Fins and limbs and fins into limbs : the historical context, 1840-1940 /
  • Peter J. Bowler
  • Skeletal changes in the transition from fins to limbs /
  • Michael I. Coates and Marcello Ruta
  • A historical perspective on the study of animal locomotion with fins and limbs /
  • Eliot G. Drucker and Adam P. Summers
  • Fins and limbs in the study of evolutionary novelties /
  • Gunter P. Wagner and Hans C. E. Larsson
  • The development of fins and limbs /
  • Mikiko Tanaka and Cheryl Tickle
  • Mechanisms of chondrogenesis and osteogenesis in fins /
  • P. Eckhard Witten and Ann Huysseune
  • Mechanisms of Chondrogenesis and osteogenesis in limbs /
  • Scott D. Weatherbee and Lee A. Niswander
  • Apoptosis in fin and limb development /
  • Vanessa Zuzarte-Luís and Juan M. Hurlé
  • Joint formation /
  • Charles W. Archer, Gary P. Dowthwaite, and Philippa Francis-West
  • Postnatal growth of fins and limbs through endochondral ossification /
  • Cornelia E. Farnum
  • Paired fin repair and regeneration /
  • Marie-Andrée Akimenko and Amanda Smith
  • Tetrapod limb regeneration /
  • David M. Gardiner and Susan V. Bryant
  • Evolution of the appendicular skeleton of amphibians /
  • Robert L. Carroll and Robert B. Holmes
  • Limb diversity and digit reduction in reptilian evolution /
  • Michael D. Shapiro, Neil H. Shubin, and Jason P. Downs
  • Limbs in mammalian evolution /
  • P. David Polly
  • Skeletal adaptations for flight /
  • Stephen M. Gatesy and Kevin M. Middleton
  • Adaptations for digging and burrowing /
  • Nathan J. Kley and Maureen Kearney
  • Aquatic adaptations in the limbs of amniotes /
  • J. G. M. Thewissen and Michael A. Taylor
  • Sesamoids and ossicles in the appendicular skeleton /
  • Matthew K. Vickaryous and Wendy M. Olson