Gamers-- in the library?! : the why, what, and how of videogame tournaments for all ages [E-Book] / Eli Neiburger.
Neiburger, Eli.
Chicago : American Library Association, 2007
ix, 178 pages : illustrations
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Table of Contents:
  • This is a library, not an arcade, and other entirely artificial distinctions
  • The gaming world, and how it can be appropriately appropriated into the library world
  • Software, hardware, and other ware
  • Planning your events, or, getting geeky with it
  • How to promote your events, or, infecting the growth medium
  • Setting it up, or, more about cables than you ever wanted to know
  • Running a tournament, or why the thirty-third player always shows up right after you make the bracket
  • Now what, or, how to leverage the interesting smell you've discovered
  • Links, resources, and even a book or two.