Molecular polymorphism of man : structural and functional individual multiformity of biomacromolecules [E-Book] / Sergei D. Varfolomyev and Gennady E. Zaikov, editors.
Varfolomeev, Sergeĭ Dmitrievich.
Zaikov, G. E.
New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2011
ix, 340 pages : illustrations
Genetics--research and issues
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Table of Contents:
  • Human enzymes : genetic, proteomic, and catalytic polymorphism / S.D. Varfolomeev, I.N. Kurochkin, and I.A. Gariev
  • Polymorphism of tumor-suppressor genes and genetic control of carcinogenesis / M.M. Aslanyan ... [et al.]
  • Association of candidate genes polymorphism with asthma in Bashkortostan republic of Russia / E.K. Khusnutdinova ... [et al.]
  • Genes and languages : is there correlations between MTDNA data and geography of Altay and Ural languages / E. Khusnutdinova and I. Kutuev
  • Common and special features of the human ribosomal DNA / Natalia S. Kupriyanova and Alexei P. Ryskov
  • Ethnic genomics of the East European human populations / S.A. Limborska ... [et al.]
  • Retroelement insertion polymorphism and modulation of human gene activity / I.Z. Mamedov ... [et al.]
  • Biomedical aspects in investigations of biochemical polymorphism of actins and some actin-binding proteins / S.S. Shishkin ... [et al.]
  • Molecular mechanisms of adaptation : stress and aggression / A.G. Tonevitsky ... [et al.]
  • Ethnogenomics : the genetic history of humans written in chromosomal DNA markers / L.A. Zhivotovsky and E.K. Khusnutdinova.