Leptin : hormonal functions, dysfunctions and clinical uses [E-Book] / Rose M. Hemling and Arthur T. Belkin, editors.
Hemling, Rose M.
Belkin, Arthur T.
New York : Nova Science Publishers, 2011
xiii, 299 pages : illustrations
Cell biology research progress
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Table of Contents:
  • Interplay of leptin with the stress system components / George Soulis, Efthymia Kitraki
  • The effect of drugs on leptin metabolism / Irem Fatma Uludag, Izmir Tepecik
  • Leptin : a novel therapeutic target in the fight against neuro-degeneration? / G.H. Doherty
  • Role of leptin in the activation of the immune system / Patricia Fernández-Riejos ... [et al.]
  • Role of leptin in the mammary gland development, lactation, and in neonatal physiology / Mario Baratta
  • Gender difference in leptin production and leptin sensitivity / Haife Shi
  • The role and application of leptin in control of female reproductive functions / Alexander V. Sirotkin
  • Risk of primary hypogonadism in patients with OSA due to high leptin levels / Madalina Miniciu Macrea, Leon Zagrean
  • Neonatal leptin surge / Takashi Higuchi
  • Adipokines in human pregnancy : the role of leptin and adiponectin / Shali Mazaki-Tovi ... [et al.].