Geometric properties and problems of thick knots / Yuanan Diao and Claus Ernst [E-Book]
Diao, Yuanan.
Ernst, Claus.
New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2009
81 pages : illustrations
Mathematics research developments series
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Some basic facts of knot theory
  • Thicknesses of knots
  • Ropelengths of knots
  • Smooth knots vs knots on the cubic lattice
  • Global lower bound on ropelength of knots
  • General lower bounds on ropelength of knots
  • General upper bounds on ropelength of knots
  • Ropelength upper bounds for special classes of knots
  • The spectrum of powers realizable by thick knots
  • Total curvature of thick knots
  • The linking number of a thick link with two or more components
  • Some open questions.