Bacteriophages in dairy processing / Andrea del Luján Quiberoni and Jorge Alberto Reinheimer, editors [E-Book]
Luján Quiberoni, Andrea del.
Reinheimer, Jorge Alberto.
Hauppauge, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, Inc., c2012
xiii, 307 pages : illustrations
Advances in food safety and food microbiology
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Table of Contents:
  • Phages of lactic acid bacteria : discovery and classification / Hans Wolfgang Ackermann
  • Bacteriophage adaptation, with particular attention to issues of phage host range / Benjamin K. Chan and Stephen T. Abedon
  • Bacteriophages in dairy plants / Viviana Suarez, Jorge Reinheimer, and Andrea Quiberoni
  • Ecological aspects of phage contamination in natural whey and milk starters / Domenico Carminati, Miriam Zago, and Giorgio Giraffa
  • Infective cycle of dairy bacteriophages / Daniela Guglielmotti, Diego Mercanti, and Mariangeles Briggiler Marco
  • Lysogeny in probiotic lactobacilli / Maria Lujan Capra and Diego Mercanti
  • Phage resistance in lactic acid bacteria / Genevieve Rousseau, Helene Deveau and Sylvain Moineau
  • Biocides for dairy bacteriophage inactivation / Viviana Suarez and Daniela Guglielmotti
  • Thermal resistance of bacteriophages in the dairy industry / Zeynep Atamer ... [et al.]
  • Non-thermal technologies : pulsed electric field, high hydrostatic pressure and high pressure homogenization. Application on virus inactivation / Maria Lujan Capra ... [et al.]
  • Detection and quantification of dairy bacteriophages / Ana Binetti
  • Plasmid transduction and site-specific systems derived from lactic acid bacteria phages / Maria J. Olaya Passarell ... [et al.]
  • Bacteriophages as biocontrol agents in dairy processing / Pilar Garcia ... [et al.].