Analytical mechanics of space systems / Hanspeter Schaub, John L. Junkins [E-Book]
Schaub, Hanspeter.
Junkins, John L.
2nd edition
Reston, Va. : American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, c2009
xxi, 793 pages : illustrations
AIAA education series
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Table of Contents:
  • Particle kinematics
  • Newtonian mechanics
  • Rigid body kinematics
  • Eulerian mechanics
  • Generalized methods of analytical dynamics
  • Variational methods in analytical dynamics
  • Hamilton's generalized formulations of analytical dynamics
  • Nonlinear spacecraft stability and control
  • Classical two-body problem
  • Restricted three-body problem
  • Gravitational potential field models
  • Perturbation methods
  • Transfer orbits
  • Spacecraft formation flying
  • Appendix A. Transport theorem derivation using linear algebra
  • Appendix B. Various Euler angle transformations
  • Appendix C. MRP identity proof
  • Appendix D. Conic section transformations
  • Appendix E. Numerical subroutines library
  • Appendix F. First-order mapping between mean and osculating orbit elements
  • Appendix G. Direct linear mapping between Cartesian Hill frame coordinates and orbit element differences
  • Appendix H. Hamel coefficients for the rotational motion of a rigid body.