Biology is technology : the promise, peril, and new business of engineering life [E-Book] / Robert H. Carlson.
Carlson, Robert H.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2010
279 pages : illustrations, mapages
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Table of Contents:
  • What is biology?
  • Building with biological parts
  • Learning to fly (or yeast, geese, and 747s)
  • The second coming of synthetic biology
  • A future history of biological engineering
  • The pace of change in biological technologies
  • The international genetically engineered machines competition
  • Reprogramming cells and building genomes
  • The promise and peril of biological technologies
  • The sources of innovation and the effects of existing and proposed regulations
  • Laying the foundations for a bioeconomy
  • Of straightjackets and springboards for innovation
  • Open-source biology, or open biology?
  • What makes a revolution?