State of the wild, 2008-2009 : a global portrait of wildlife, wildlands, and oceans [E-Book] / Wildlife Conservation Society ; volume editor, Eva Fearn ; foreword by Ward Woods.
Fearn, Eva
Washington, DC : Island Press, [2008]
1 online resource (307 pages) : illustrations, maps.
9781610911481 (e-book)
State of the wild
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Table of Contents:
  • Tipping point : perspective of a climatologist / James Hansen
  • Global conservation news highlights
  • Discoveries / Margaret Kinnaird
  • The rarest of the rare : some of the world's most endangered animals / Catherine Grippo, Taylor H. Ricketts, and Jonathan Hoekstra
  • Continuing to consume wildlife : an update / Elizabeth L. Bennett
  • Emerging diseases and conservation : one world, one health / Robert A. Cook and William B. Karesh
  • Little is big, many is one : zoonoses in the twenty-first century / David Quammen
  • Land-use change as a driver of disease / Jonathan A. Patz, Sarah H. Olson, and Jill C. Baumgartner
  • Transboundary management of natural resources and the importance of a "one health" approach : perspectives on southern Africa / Steven A. Osofsky, David H.M. Cumming, and Michael D. Kock
  • An ounce of prevention : lessons from the first avian influenza scare / William B. Karesh and Kristine Smith
  • Why wildlife health matters in North America / John R. Fischer
  • Warming oceans, increasing disease : mapping the health effects of climate change / Rita R. Colwell
  • Conservation controversy : to cull or not to cull? / Barry Estabrook
  • Conservation of wildlife
  • The last of the great overland migrations / Joel Berger
  • Downward spiral : catastrophic decline of South Asia's vultures / Todd E. Katzner
  • Conserving cold-blooded Australians / Richard Shine
  • Settling for less : disappearing Diadromous fishes / John Waldman
  • Mapping the state of the oceans / Eric W. Sanderson
  • Africa's last wild places : why conservation can't wait / J. Michael Fay
  • The deep sea : unknown and under threat / Les Watling
  • Climate change in the Andes / Carolina Murcia
  • Grazers and grasslands : restoring biodiversity to the prairies / James H. Shaw
  • Conservation and human displacement / Arun Agrawal, Kent H. Redford, and Eva Fearn
  • Conservation psychology : who cares about the biodiversity crisis? / John Fraser and Jessica Sickler
  • Biogenetics and conservation : celebrate or worry? / Stephen C. Aldrich
  • Conservation in conflict : illegal drugs versus habitat in the Americas / Liliana M. Dávalos and Adriana C. Bejarano
  • Rewilding the islands / C. Josh Donlan
  • Addressing AIDS : conservation in Africa / Judy Oglethorpe and Daulos Mauambeta
  • Conservation as diplomacy / Steven E. Sanderson
  • Final thoughts. Profession : Awajun / Walter H. Wust.