A historian looks back : the calculus as algebra and selected writings [E-Book] / by Judith V. Grabiner.
Grabiner, Judith V.
Grabiner, Judith V.
[Washington, D.C.] : Mathematical Association of America, c2010
xv, 287 pages : illustrations
Spectrum series
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Table of Contents:
  • The calculus as algebra
  • The mathematician, the historian, and the history of mathematics
  • Who gave you the epsilon? Cauchy and the origins of rigorous calculus
  • The changing concept of change: the derivative from Fermat to Weierstrass
  • The centrality of mathematics in the history of western thought
  • Descartes and problem-solving
  • The calculus as algebra, the calculus as geometry: Lagrange, Maclaurin, and their legacy
  • Was Newton's calculus a dead end? the continental influence of Maclaurin's treatise of fluxions
  • Newton, Maclaurin, and the authority of mathematics
  • Why should historical truth matter to mathematicians? dispelling myths while promoting maths
  • Why did Lagrange "prove" the parallel postulate?.