Neural basis of motivational and cognitive control / edited by Rogier B. Mars ... [et al.] [E-Book]
Mars, Rogier B.
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2011
xiii, 449 pages : illustrations
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Table of Contents:
  • Neuroanatomical basis of motivational and cognitive control : a focus on the medial and lateral prefrontal cortex / Sallet ... [et al.]
  • Neural circuits of reward and decision making : integrative networks across cortico-basal banglia loops / Haber
  • Neurochemistry of performance monitoring / Ullsperger
  • Contributions of ventromedial prefrontal and frontal polar cortex to reinforcement learning and value-based choice / Boorman and Noonan
  • Decision-making in frontal cortex : from single-units to fMRI / Kennerley and Tobler
  • A comparative perspective on executive and motivational control by the medial prefrontal cortex / Laubach
  • Top-down control over the motor cortex / Mars, Neubert, and Rushworth
  • A role for posterior cingulate cortex in policy switching and cognitive control / Pearson, Hayden, and Platt
  • Subcortical contributions to the motivational and cognitive control of instrumental performance by Pavlovian and discriminative stimuli / Liljeholm and O'Doherty
  • The influence of dopamine in generating action from motivation / Walton, Gan, and Phillips
  • Fronto-basal-ganglia circuits for stopping action / Greenhouse, Swann, and Aron
  • Learning, the P3, and the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system / Nieuwenhuis
  • The neurocognitive development of social decision-making / Van den Bos and Crone
  • Motivational modulation of action control : how inter-individual variability may shed light on the motivation-control interface and its neurocognitive mechanisms / Ridderinkhof, Cohen, and Forstmann
  • Pathological changes in performance monitoring / De Bruijn and Ullsperger
  • Neural correlates of hierarchical reinforcement learning / Ribas-Fernandes, Niv, and Botvinick
  • Reinforcement learning, conflict monitoring, and cognitive control : an integrative model of cingulate-striatial interaction and the ERN / Cockburn and Frank
  • An integrative theory of anterior cingulate cortex function : option selection in hierarchical reinforcement learning / Holroyd and Yeung
  • Meta-learning, cognitive control, and physiological interactions between medial and lateral prefrontal cortex / Khamassi ... [et al.]
  • Wherefore a horse race : inhibitory control as rational decision-making / Shenoy and Yu
  • The neuroeconomics of cognitive control / Chierchia and Coricelli
  • Frames of reference in human social decision making / Hunt and Behrens
  • Model-based approaches to the study of the neural basis of cognitive control / Bestmann and Mars.