The legacy of the Mastodon : the golden age of fossils in America [E-Book] / Keith Thomson.
Thomson, Keith Stewart.
New Haven : Yale University Press, c2008
xvii, 386 pages
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Table of Contents:
  • Pt. one: The Jeffersonians
  • Fossil hunters on the frontier
  • Big Bone Lick
  • Franklin, Jefferson, and the incognitum
  • Jefferson's "great-claw" and a world about to change
  • The first American dinosaurs: an eighteenth-century mystery story
  • Fossils and show business: Mr. Peale's Mastodon
  • Pt. two: Fossils and geology
  • Fossils and extinction: dangerous ideas
  • Mary Anning's world
  • An American natural science
  • An American geology
  • Bad lands: no time for ideas
  • Dr. Leidy's dinosaur
  • Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden
  • Pt. three: Giant Saurians and horned mammals
  • Kansas and a new regime
  • Entry of the gladiators
  • Riding the rails
  • The first Yale college expedition
  • The competition begins
  • Buffalo land: who was Professor Paleozoic?
  • 1872: the year of conflict
  • The case of the great horned mammals
  • Going separate ways
  • Two into four won't go
  • To the Black Hills
  • To the Judith River
  • Pt. four: Toward the twentieth century
  • The rise of dinosaurs
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Going public
  • 1890: the end of the beginning
  • Appendixes
  • The geological column
  • Leidy on evolution
  • Cope on evolution.