WKB Approximation in Atomic Physics [E-Book] / by Boris Mikhailovich Karnakov, Vladimir Pavlovich Krainov.
Karnakov, Boris Mikhailovich, (author)
Krainov, Vladimir Pavlovich, (author)
1st ed. 2013.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2013
VIII, 176 pages (online resource)
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Table of Contents:
  • WKB-Approximation in Quantum Mechanics
  • One-Dimensional Motion
  • WKB-Approximation for a Particle in Central Field
  • Langer Transformation
  • 1/N-Expansion in Quantum Mechanics
  • 1/N Expansion for Energy Levels of Binding States
  • Wave Functions of 1/n-Expansion
  • Rydberg States of Atomic Systems
  • Unperturbed Rydberg States of Atoms
  • Interaction between a Rydberg Electron and an Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Penetrability of Potential Barriers and Quasistationary States
  • Quasi-Stationary States of One-Dimensional Systems
  • Quasi-Stationary States and Above-Barrier Reflection
  • Transitions and Ionization in Quantum Systems
  • Adiabatic Transitions
  • Ionization of Quantum Systems.