Econophysics of Agent-Based Models [E-Book] / edited by Frédéric Abergel, Hideaki Aoyama, Bikas K. Chakrabarti, Anirban Chakraborti, Asim Ghosh
Abergel, Frédéric, (Herausgeber)
Aoyama, Hideaki, (Herausgeber) / Chakrabarti, Bikas K, (Herausgeber) / Chakraborti, Anirban, (Herausgeber) / Ghosh, Asim, (Herausgeber)
1st ed. 2014.
Cham : Springer, 2014
VIII, 302 pages 91 illustrations (online resource)
New Economic Windows
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Table of Contents:
  • Agent-based modeling of zapping behavior of viewers, television commercial allocation, and advertisement markets by Hiroyuki Kyan and Jun-ichi Inoue
  • Agent based modeling of Housing asset bubble: A simple utility function based investigation by Kausik Gangopadhyay and Kousik Guhathakurta
  • Urn model-based adaptive Multi-arm clinical trials: A stochastic approximation approach by Sophie Laruelle and Gilles Pagès
  • Logistic modeling of a Religious Sect features by Marcel Ausloos
  • Characterizing financial crisis by means of the three states random field Ising model by Mitsuaki Murota and Jun-ichi Inoue
  • Themes and applications of kinetic exchange models: Redux by Asim Ghosh, Anindya S. Chakrabarti, Anjan Kumar Chandra and Anirban Chakraborti
  • Kinetic exchange opinion model: solution in the single parameter map limit by Krishanu Roy Chowdhury, Asim Ghosh, Soumyajyoti Biswas and Bikas K. Chakrabarti
  • An overview of the new frontiers of Economic Complexity by Matthieu Cristelli, Andrea Tacchella, Luciano Pietronero
  • Jan Tinbergen's legacy for economic networks: from the gravity model to quantum statistics by Tiziano Squartini and Diego Garlaschelli
  • A macroscopic order of consumer demand due to heterogenous consumer behaviors on Japanese household demand tested by the random matrix theory by Yuji Aruka,Yuichi Kichikawa and Hiroshi Iyetomi
  • Uncovering the network structure of the world currency market: Cross-correlations in the fluctuations of daily exchange rates by Sitabhra Sinha and Uday Kovur
  • Systemic risk in Japanese credit network by Hideaki Aoyama
  • Pricing of goods with Bandwagon properties: The curse of coordination by Mirta B. Gordon, Jean-Pierre Nadal, Denis Phan and Viktoriya Semeshenko
  • Evolution of Econophysics by Kishore C. Dash
  • Econophysics and sociophysics: Problems and prospects by Asim Ghosh and Anindya S. Chakrabarti
  • A discussion on Econophysics by Hideaki Aoyama.