Polymers for Agri-Food Applications [E-Book] / edited by Tomy J. Gutiérrez.
Gutiérrez, Tomy J., (editor)
1st edition 2019.
Cham : Springer, 2019
XIII, 620 pages 112 illustrations, 86 illustrations in color (online resource)
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Table of Contents:
  • Trends in polymers for agri-food applications: A note from the editor
  • Polymer based micro- and nanoencapsulation of agrochemicals
  • Nano and microencapsulated nutrients for enhanced efficiency fertilizer
  • Potential use of polymeric particles for the regulation of plant growth
  • Applications and implications of environmental-responsive polymers toward agrochemicals
  • Starch nanoparticles and nanocrystals as bioactive molecule carriers
  • Biopolymer-based hydrogels for agriculture applications: Swelling behavior and slow delivery of agrochemicals
  • Hydrogels: An effective tool to improve nitrogen use efficiency in cops
  • Classifications and uses of emulsion in food and agro applications
  • Nanoemulsions: Industrial production and food-grade applications
  • Biodegradable plastic mulch films for sustainable specialty crop production
  • Performance of bio-based polymeric agricultural mulch films
  • Agronomical overview of mulch film systems
  • Mulch plastic systems: Recent advances and applications
  • Biodegradable polymer nanofibers applied in slow release systems for agri-food applications
  • Synthesis methods of starch-based polymer foams and its comparison with conventional polymer foams for food packaging applications
  • Coatings in the postharvest
  • Trends in coatings manufacturing in the postharvest preservation of fruits and vegetables
  • Development of edible coatings in the preservation of fruits and vegetables: A critical discussion and exhaustive
  • Smart and active edible coatings based on biopolymers
  • Active and smart edible coatings for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Active, eco-friendly and edible coatings in the post-harvest - A critical discussion
  • Chitosan mono- and bilayer edible coatings for preserving postharvest quality of fresh fruit
  • Shellac-based coating polymer for agricultural applications
  • Application of bionanocomposites on horticultural products to increase the shelf life
  • Essential oil nanoemulsions as antimicrobials and antioxidants in composite food packaging
  • Nanocellulose-polymer composites: Novel materials for food packaging applications
  • Index.