Nanoparticle-protein corona : biophysics to biology [E-Book] / edited by Ashutosh Kumar and Alok Dhawan.
Dhawan, Alok, (editor)
Kumar, Ashutosh, (editor)
London : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019
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Issues in toxicology
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Table of Contents:
  • Nanoparticle–Protein Corona Complex: Composition, Kinetics, Physico–Chemical Characterization, and Impact on Biomedical Applications
  • Biological Significance of the Nanoparticles Protein Corona
  • Factors Affecting a Nanoparticle's Protein Corona Formation
  • NP–Protein Corona Interaction: Characterization Methods and Analysis
  • An Analytical Approach to Investigate Nanoparticle–Protein Corona Complexes
  • Impact of Nanoparticle–Protein Interactions on Biological Assays
  • Computer Simulations for Understanding Nanoparticle-biomolecule Corona Formation
  • In Silico Approaches to Design and Characterize Peptide-based Nanostructures
  • Nanomaterial–Blood Interactions: A Biomedical Perspective
  • The Protein Corona: Applications and Challenges