Servitization, IT-ization and innovation models : two-stage industrial cluster theory [E-Book] / edited by Hitoshi Hirakawa ... [et al.] ; associate editor, Shampa Paul.
Hirakawa, Hitoshi
Paul, Shampa.
London : Routledge, 2013
xiv, 175 pages, illustrations
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Kaushalesh Lal and Shampa Paul
  • East Asian economic development and new industrial cluster / Hitoshi Hirakawa
  • Change of development model and its impact on innovative activity : analytical framework and evidences from China / Song Lei and Ge Dongsheng
  • A Taiwan's strategy towards knowledge-based development : servitization of ICT manufacturing / Shin-Horng Chen, Pei-Chang Wen and Chih-Kai Yang
  • The ICT services industry in Bangalore, India : its changing structure and characteristics / Balaji Parthasarathy
  • Innovation in Indian IT industry : evolution or revolution / Pawan Soni
  • Perspectives of the IT sector in South Asia : productivity analysis / Naoko Shinkai
  • Varieties of clustering and capability building in Indian IT industry / Norio Tokumaru
  • Export orientation and firms' policy during global economic slowdown / Kaushalesh Lal and Shampa Paul.