The politics of species : reshaping our relationships with other animals [E-Book] / edited by R. Corbey and A. Lanjouw.
Corbey, Raymond
Lanjouw, Annette.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013
xiv, 295 pages, illustrations
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: List of contributors; Preface; Introduction: between exploitation and respectful coexistence Raymond Corbey and Annette Lanjouw; Part I. Moving Beyond Speciesism: 1. How speciesism undermines compassionate conservation and social justice Marc Bekoff; 2. The rights of sentient beings: moving beyond old and new speciesism Joan Dunayer; 3. Indexically yours: why being human is more like being here than like being water David Livingstone Smith; 4. Apeism and racism: reasons and remedies Edouard Machery; 5. 'Race' and species in the post-WW2 United Nations discourse on human rights Raymond Corbey; 6. Addressing the animal-industrial complex Richard Twine; Part II. Sentience and Agency: 7. Humans, dolphins and moral inclusivity Lori Marino; 8. The expression of grief in monkeys, apes and other animals Barbara King; 9. Great ape mindreading: what's at stake? Lori Andrews; 10. Intersubjective engagements without theory of mind: a cross-species comparison Dan Hutto; 11. 'Unnatural behaviour': obstacle or insight at the species interface? Lucy Birkett and Bill McGrew; 12. Animals as persons in Sumatra Jet Bakels; 13. Interspecies love: being and becoming with a common ant, Ectatomma ruidum (Roger) Eben Kirksey; Part III. Towards Respectful Coexistence: 14. Social minds and social selves: redefining the human-alloprimate interface Agustin Fuentes; 15. The human-macaque interface in the Sulawesi Highlands Erin Riley; 16. The fabric of life: linking conservation and welfare Annette Lanjouw; 17. Home flocks: deindustrial domestications on the coop tour Molly Mullin; 18. Entangled empathy: an alternative approach to animal ethics Lori Gruen; 19. Extending human research protections to nonhuman animals Hope Ferdowsian and Chong Choe; 20. The capacity of nonhuman animals for legal personhood and legal rights Steven Wise; Afterword Jon Stryker; References; Index.