Common pools of genetic resources : equity and innovation in international biodiversity law [E-Book] / Evanson Chege Kamau and Gerd Winter.
Kamau, Evanson C.
Winter, Gerd.
London : Routledge, 2013
xxxi, 424 pages, illustrations
Routledge research in international environmental law
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Table of Contents:
  • Common pools of genetic resources and related traditional and modern knowledge : an overview / Gerd Winter
  • Traditional knowledge common pools : the story of the Kukula traditional health practitioners of Bushbuckridge, South Africa / Gino Cocchiaro and Britta Rutert
  • Common pools of TK and related genetic resources : a case study of San-Hoodia / Evanson Chege Kamau
  • Reinventing traditional medicine : Pacari and its struggle towards health, environmental protection and benefit sharing / John Bernhard Kleba
  • Guardians of the seed : the role of Andean farmers in the caring and sharing of agrobiodiversity / Mario Tapia and Brendan Tobin
  • Genetic resources common pools in Brazil / Juliana Santilli
  • Developing a common pools strategy for genetic resources for food and agriculture : a case study of Malaysia / Gurdial Singh Nijar
  • Common pools of traditional Chinese medical knowledge in China / Tianbao Qin
  • Common pools in aquaculture : exploring patent law, ABS and sui generis options / Morten Walløe Tvedt
  • Practices of exchanging and utilizing genetic resources for food and agriculture and the ABS regime / Sélim Louafi and Marie Schloen
  • Global scientific research commons under the Nagoya protocol : governing pools of microbial genetic resources / Tom Dedeurwaerdere, Arianna Broggiato, Dimitra Manou
  • Networks of ex-situ collections in genetic resources / Christine Godt
  • Biological data banks for marine organisms : what they contain and how they can be used in ABS contexts / Gorch Detlef Bevis Fedder
  • Knowledge commons, intellectual property and the ABS regime / Gerd Winter
  • ABS, justice and the Nagoya protocol / Peter-Tobias Stoll
  • The World Health Organization's pandemic influenza preparedness framework as a public health resources pool / Marie Wilke
  • The multilateral system of the international treaty on plant genetic resources : lessons and space for further development / Evanson Chege Kamau
  • Exploring bases for building common pools in eastern Africa / Evanson Chege Kamau
  • Common pools for marine genetic resources : a possible instrument for a future multilateral agreement addressing marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction / Thomas Greiber.