Amateur media : social, cultural and legal perspectives [E-Book] / edited by Dan Hunter ... [et al.].
Hunter, Dan
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2013
xv, 238 pages, illustrations
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Table of Contents:
  • Histories of user-generated content: between formal and informal media economies / Ramon Lobato, Julian Thomas and Dan Hunter
  • Competing myths of informal economies / Megan Richardson and Jake Goldenfein
  • Start with the household / John Quiggin
  • Amateur digital content and proportional commerce / Steven Hetcher
  • Youtube and the formalisation of amateur media / Jean Burgess
  • The relationship between user-generated content and commerce / Kimberlee Weatherall
  • The manufacture of 'authentic' buzz and the legal relations of masterchef / Kathy Bowrey
  • Harry Potter and the transformation wand : fair use, canonicity and fan activity / David Tan
  • The simulation of 'authentic' buzz : T-mobile and the flash mob dance / Marc Trabsky
  • Prestige and professionalisation at the margins of the journalistic field : the case of music writers / Ramon lobato and Lawson Fletcher
  • Swedish subtitling strike called off! : fan-to-fan piracy, translation, and the primacy of authorisation / Eva Hemmungs Wirtén
  • Have amateur media enhanced the possibilities for good media work? / David Hesmondhalgh
  • Minecraft as web 2.0 : amateur creativity and digital games / Greg Lastowka
  • Cosplay, creativity and immaterial labours of love / Melissa de Zwart
  • Web zero: the amateur and the indie game developer / Christian McCrea
  • Anonymous speech on the internet / Brian Murchison
  • The privacy interest in anonymous blogging / Lisa Austin
  • 'privacy' of social networking texts / Megan Richardson and Julian Thomas.