An introduction to probability and statistical inference [E-Book] / George G. Roussas.
Roussas, George G., (author)
Second edition.
Amsterdam : Elsevier, [2015]
1 online resource (xiv, 606 pages), illustrations
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Table of Contents:
  • Some motivating examples and some fundamental concepts
  • The concept of probability and some basic results
  • Numerical characteristics of a random variable, some special random variables
  • Joint and conditional P.D.F.'s, conditional expectation and variance, moment generating function, covariance and correlation coefficient
  • Independence of random variables and some applications
  • Transformation of random variables
  • Some modes of convergence of random variables, applications
  • An overview of statistical inference
  • Point estimation
  • Confidence intervals and confidence regions
  • Testing hypotheses
  • More about testing hypotheses
  • A simple linear regression model
  • Two analysis of variance models
  • Some topics in nonparametric inference.