Optimal control of age-structured populations in economy, demography, and the environment [E-Book] / edited by Raouf Boucekkine, Natali Hritonenko, and Yuri Yatsenko.
Boucekkine, Raouf.
Hritonenko, Natali. / I͡At͡senko, I͡U. P.
New York : Routledge, 2011
xviii, 295 pages, illustrations
Routledge explorations in environmental economics ; 29
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Table of Contents:
  • The genuine savings criterion and the value of population in an economy with endogenous fertility rate / Kenneth J. Arrow, Alain Bensoussan, Qi Feng, and Suresh P. Sethi
  • Continuous time overlapping generations models / Hippolyte d'Albis and Emmanuelle Augeraud-Véron
  • Modeling technological change in equipment replacement problems / Chin Hon Tan and Joseph C. Hartman
  • Embodied technology adoption under uncertainty / Bruno Cruz and Aude Pommeret
  • Viability, optimality, and sustainability in vintage models / Noël Bonneuil
  • Embodied technical change and learning-by-doing in a two sector growth model with human capital accumulation / Alberto Bucci, Herb Kunze, and Davide La Torre
  • Age-structured optimization models in fisheries bioeconomics : a survey / Olli Tahvonen
  • Age-structured models and optimal control in mathematical epidemiology : a survey / David Greenhalgh
  • Optimal management of a size distributed forest with respect to timber and non-timber values / Renan-Ulrich Goertz and Angels Xabadia
  • Optimal harvesting in a two-species model of size-structured population / Nobuyuki Kato
  • Optimisation problems in the management of indigenous plant populations under grazing pressure / Lynne McArthur, John Boland, and Fleur Tiver
  • Identification of age-structured contamination sources in ground water / Sergey Lyashko, Dmitry Klyushin, Dmitry Nomirovsky, and Vladimir Semenov.