Global bioethics : issues of conscience for the twenty-first century [E-Book] / edited by Ronald M. Green, Aine Donovan, and Steven A. Jauss.
Donovan, Aine.
Green, Ronald Michael. / Jauss, Steven A.
Oxford : Clarendon Press ; 2008
Oxford University Press,
xiv, 352 pages
Issues in biomedical ethics
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Table of Contents:
  • Harnessing advanced technologies for global health equity / Peter A. Singer ... [et al.]
  • American "medical professionalism" : at home and in the world / Robert Martensen
  • Professionalism and medical education in the developing world / Kisali Pallangyo
  • Physician-assisted death : not just for rich countries / Johannes J. M. van Delden and Margaret P. Battin
  • Embryo as epiphenomenon : some cultural, social, and economic forces driving the stem cell debate / Ronald M. Green
  • The role and influence of religions in bioethics / Denis Müller
  • Global norms, informed consensus, and hypocrisy in bioethics / John Harris
  • Global norms in bioethics : problems and prospects / Françoise Baylis.
  • Population-level bioethics : mapping a new agenda / Daniel Wikler and Dan W. Brock
  • What is it like to be a bird? : Wikler and Brock on the ethics of population health / Nir Eyal
  • The evolving norms of medical ethics / Ezekiel J. Emanuel
  • Convergent trends in modern medical ethics : medicine-based ethics and human rights / Johannes J. M. van Delden
  • Just research in an unjust world : can harm reduction be an acceptable tool for public health prevention research? / Nancy E. Kass
  • Harm reduction research : ethics and compliance / Ana S. Iltis
  • Global justice, human rights, and health / Ruth Macklin
  • Achieving global justice in health through global research ethics : supplementing Macklin's "top
  • down" approach with one from the "ground up" / Eric M. Meslin