Green buildings and the law [E-Book] / edited by Julie Adshead.
Adshead, Julie.
London ; Spon Press, 2011
xx, 268 pages, illustrations
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Table of Contents:
  • Planning and policies for sustainable development in California and the San Diego region
  • Potential harmful environmental impacts as a consequence of material and system specifications, installation and operations in current U.S. green building practices
  • Covenants and building regulations : a twin track approach to improving the energy performance of Dutch buildings
  • The quest for sustainable buildings : getting it right at the planning stage
  • Green buildings : a critical analysis of the Turkish legislation
  • Surveying the sustainable and environmental legal and market challenges for real estate
  • Sustainable development and the South African constitution : implications for built environment legislation
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and building control regulations in South Africa
  • The extended Australian urban dwelling : key issues relating to private open space in expanding residential surburbia
  • China building control on green buildings
  • Green buildings and the law in Taiwan
  • Climate change and the construction industry : sustainability challenges for Singapore.