Geochemical modeling of groundwater, vadose, and geothermal systems [E-Book] / editors, Jochen Bundschuh, Michael Zilberbrand.
Bundschuh, Jochen.
Zilberbrand, Michael.
Leiden, The Netherlands ; CRC Press/Balkema, c2012
xvii, 305 pages, illustrations
Multiphysics modeling ; v. 5
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Table of Contents:
  • section 1. Introduction to groundwater geochemistry and fundamentals of hydrogeochemical modeling
  • Hydrogeochemistry principles for geochemical modeling / J. Bundschuh & O. Sracek
  • Thermodynamics of gas and mineral solubility in the unsaturated zone water / L. Mercury & M. Zilberbrand
  • Governing equations and solution algorithms for geochemical modeling / C. Ayora, M.W. Saaltink & J. Carrera
  • Fluid flow, solute and heat transport equations / M.W. Saaltink, A. Yakirevich, J. Carrera & C. Ayora
  • Numerical solutions of reactive transport equations / M.W. Saaltink, J. Carrera & C. Ayora
  • Elaboration of a geochemical model / M. Zilberbrand
  • Advances in geochemical modeling for geothermal applications / P. Birkle
  • section 2. Case studies
  • Integrating field observations and inverse and forward modeling : application at a site with acidic, heavy-metal-contaminated groundwater / P. Glynn & J. Brown
  • Models and measurements of porosity and permeability evolution in a sandstone formation / S. Emmanuel, J.J. Ague & O. Walderhaug
  • Geochemical modeling of water chemistry evolution in the Guarani Aquifer System in São Paulo, Brazil / O. Sracek & R. Hirata
  • Modeling of reactive transport at a site contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons at Hnevice, Czech Republic / O. Sracek & Z. Vencelides
  • Numerical modeling for preliminary assessment of natural remediation of phosphorus in variably saturated soil in a peri-urban settlement in Kampala, Uganda / R.N. Kulabako, R. Thunvik, M. Nalubega & A.L. Soutter.