Generalized estimating equations [E-Book] / James W. Hardin, Joseph M. Hilbe.
Hardin, James W.
Hilbe, Joseph.
2nd ed.
Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2013
xv, 255 pages, illustrations
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"CHAPTER 1 Preface Second Edition We are pleased to offer this second edition to Generalized Estimating Equations. This edition benefits from comments and suggestions from various sources given to us during the past ten years since the first edition was published. As a consequence, we have enhanced the text with a number of additions, including more detailed discussions of previously presented topics, program code for examples in text, and examination of entirely new topics related to GEE and the estimation of clustered and longitudinal models. We have also expanded discussion of various models associated with GEE; penalized GEE, survey GEE, and quasi-least squares regression, as well as the number of exercises given at the end of each chapter. We have also added material on hypothesis testing and diagnostics, including discussion of competing hierarchical models. We have also introduced more examples, and expanded the presentation of examples utilizing R software. The text has grown by 40 pages. This edition also introduces alternative models for ordered categorical outcomes and illustrates model selection approaches for choosing among various candidate specifications. We have expanded our coverage of model selection criterion measures and introduce an extension of the QIC measure which is applicable for choosing among working correlation structures (see 5.1.2 in particular). This is currently a subject of considerable interest among statisticians having an interest in GEE"--