Automotive Tribology [E-Book] / edited by Jitendra Kumar Katiyar, Shantanu Bhattacharya, Vinay Kumar Patel, Vikram Kumar.
Bhattacharya, Shantanu, (editor)
Katiyar, Jitendra Kumar, (editor) / Kumar, Vikram, (editor) / Patel, Vinay Kumar, (editor)
1st edition 2019.
Singapore : Springer, 2019
XIII, 343 pages 130 illustrations, 74 illustrations in color (online resource)
Energy, Environment, and Sustainability
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Tribology of Automotive Engine
  • Materials Aspects in Engine
  • Tribo-Performance of Polymer Composite in Automotive Application: a Review
  • Surface Coatings for Automobile Applications
  • Prospects of Cavitation in the Field of Internal Combustion Engines
  • Tribological performance of surface textured automotive components: A review
  • Influence of Surface Texturing in Controlling Friction and Wear
  • Influence of fillers on thermo-mechanical and tribological behavior of GFRP composites
  • Mechanical and Erosion characteristics of natural fiber reinforced polymer composite: Effect of Filler size
  • Erosion Wear Behaviour and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Hybrid Reinforced Polymer Composite for Automotive Application
  • Effect of Reinforcements on the Tribological behavior of Aluminum Matrix Surface composites
  • The Future of Metal Foam Materials in the Automotive Industry
  • The Potential of Natural fibers/ fillers for Automotive Sector
  • Lubrication Aspects in Automobile
  • Sustainable Lubrication in Automobiles
  • Grease Lubrication
  • Lubrication Effectiveness and Sustainability of solid/liquid Additives in Automotive Tribology
  • The Potential of Bio-lubricantsin Automotive Tribology
  • Asbestos free braking pads by using organic fiber based reinforced composites for automotive industries
  • Analysis of Partial Texture Journal Bearing Lubricated with Couple Stress Fluids
  • Shot peening effects on abrasive wear behavior of medium carbon steel.