Neutrophil [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols / edited by Mark T. Quinn, Frank R. DeLeo.
DeLeo, Frank R., (editor)
Quinn, Mark T., (editor)
3rd edition 2020.
New York, NY : Humana Press, 2020
XVI, 470 pages 86 illustrations, 49 illustrations in color (online resource)
Methods in Molecular Biology ; 2087
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Table of Contents:
  • The Role of Neutrophils in the Immune System: An Overview
  • Neutrophil Defects and Diagnosis Disorders of Neutrophil Function: An Overview
  • Isolation of Human Neutrophils from Venous Blood
  • Isolation of Neutrophils from Non-Human Species
  • Isolation of Neutrophils from Larval Zebrafish and their Transplantation into Recipient Larvae for Functional Studies
  • Analysis of Neutrophil Transmigration through Epithelial Cell Monolayers
  • Quantification of Chemotaxis or Respiratory Burst using Ex Vivo Culture-Derived Murine Neutrophils
  • Ex Vivo Human Neutrophil Swarming against Live Microbial Targets
  • Micro-Injection and Micropipette Controlled Phagocytosis Methods for Neutrophils
  • Using Imaging Flow Cytometry to Quantify Neutrophil Phagocytosis
  • Visualization and Quantification of Phagocytosis by Neutrophils
  • Analysis of Neutrophil Bactericidal Activity
  • Assessment of Neutrophil Apoptosis
  • Optical Methods for the Measurement and Manipulation of Cytosolic Calcium Signals in Neutrophils
  • Labeling Acidic Compartments of Neutrophils with Cresyl Violet
  • Neutrophil Degranulation of Azurophil and Specific Granules
  • Influence of Oxygen on Function and Cholesterol Composition of Murine Bone Marrow-Derived Neutrophils
  • In Vitro Assay for Sensitive Determination of Human Blood PMN Responses
  • Fast and Accurate Quantitative Analysis of Cytokine Gene Expression in Human Neutrophils by Reverse Transcription Real-Time PCR
  • Detection of Intact Transcription Factors in Human Neutrophils
  • Genome-Scale Transcript Analyses of Human Neutrophils
  • Measurement of Respiratory Burst Products, Released or Retained, During Activation of Professional Phagocytes
  • Cell-Free NADPH Oxidase Activation Assays: A Triumph of Reductionism
  • Immunofluorescent Detection of NET Components in Paraffin-Embedded Tissue
  • Detection, Visualization, and Quantification of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs) and NET Markers
  • Imaging of Neutrophils and Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (Nets) with Intravital (In Vivo) Microscopy.