Jasmonate in Plant Biology [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols / edited by Antony Champion, Laurent Laplaze.
Champion, Antony, (editor)
Laplaze, Laurent, (editor)
2nd edition 2020.
New York, NY : Human Press, 2020
XI, 228 pages 71 illustrations, 40 illustrations in color (online resource)
Methods in Molecular Biology ; 2085
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Table of Contents:
  • Multiple Roles of Jasmonates in Shaping Rhizotaxis: Emerging Integrators
  • Phenotyping of Light Response on JA Defective Mutant in Rice
  • Techniques to Determine Effects of Jasmonates on Root Hydraulic Conductivity
  • The Role of Jasmonate in Beneficial Microbe-Root Interactions
  • Plant-Insect Bioassay for Testing Arabidopsis Resistance to the Generalist Herbivore Spodoptera littoralis
  • Targeted Metabolomics of Plant Hormones and Redox Metabolites in Stomatal Immunity
  • Bioassays to Evaluate the Resistance of Whole Plants to the Herbivorous Insect Thrips
  • Role of Jasmonate in Modulation of Mycorrhizae Induced Resistance against Fungal Pathogens
  • Establishment of Actinorhizal Symbiosis in Response to Ethylene, Salicylic Acid, and Jasmonate
  • Crystallization of a Complex between MYC and Jas Motif
  • A Fluorescence Anisotropy-Based Comprehensive Method for the In Vitro Screening of COI1-JAZs Agonists and Antagonists
  • Use of Fluorescent Reporters to Analyse Dynamic and Spatial Responses to Mechanical Wounding
  • Quantitative Jasmonate Profiling using a High-Throughput UPLC-nanoESI-MS/MS Method
  • Detection of Fungal Jasmonates by Liquid Chromatography Paired with Mass Spectrometry
  • CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Gene Editing of the Jasmonate Biosynthesis OsAOC Gene in Rice
  • Mass Spectrometric Approaches to Study the Metabolism of Jasmonates: Biotransformation of Exogenously-Supplemented Methyl Jasmonate by Cell Suspension Cultures of Moringa oleifera. .