IoT for Smart Grids [E-Book] : Design Challenges and Paradigms / edited by Kostas Siozios, Dimitrios Anagnostos, Dimitrios Soudris, Elias Kosmatopoulos.
Anagnostos, Dimitrios, (editor)
Kosmatopoulos, Elias, (editor) / Siozios, Kostas, (editor) / Soudris, Dimitrios, (editor)
1st edition 2019.
Cham : Springer, 2019
XV, 282 pages 115 illustrations, 94 illustrations in color (online resource)
Power Systems
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Table of Contents:
  • IoT for Smart Grids - Design Challenges and Paradigms
  • Part I: Fundamental Topics and Technologies for IoT Systems Targeting Smart-Grid Domain
  • Mastering the challenges of changing energy systems: The Smart-Grid Concept
  • Edge Computing for Smart Grid: An Overview on Architectures and Solutions
  • Smart-Grid Modelling and Simulation
  • Communication Protocols for the IoT-based Smart Grid
  • Smart Grid Hardware Security
  • Edge Computing and Efficient Resource Management forintegration of video devices in Smart Grid deployments
  • Solar Energy Forecasting in the Era of IoT Enabled Smart Grids
  • Data Analytic for Improving Operations and Maintenance in Smart-Grid Environment
  • On Accelerating Data Analytics: An Introduction to the Approximate Computing Technique
  • Part II: Case Studies about Computerized Monitor and Control of Energy Systems
  • Towards plug&play smart thermostats for building's heating/cooling control. .