Modeling, Identification and Control Methods in Renewable Energy Systems [E-Book] / edited by Nabil Derbel, Quanmin Zhu.
Derbel, Nabil, (editor)
Zhu, Quanmin, (editor)
1st edition 2019.
Singapore : Springer, 2019
VIII, 372 pages 322 illustrations, 151 illustrations in color (online resource)
Green Energy and Technology
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Table of Contents:
  • Emulation of Wind Turbine for Standalone Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • The ripple correlation optimal point determination in a medium power wind conversion system and performance evaluation with respect to conventional algorithms
  • Direct Power Control of DFIG Using Sliding Mode Control Approach
  • Photovoltaic power prediction using recurrent neural network
  • Control of Wind Turbine based on PMSG using Pitch Angle Control
  • Feedback T-S fuzzy controller in finite frequency for wind turbine
  • Control of Power of a DFIG Generator with MPPT Technique for Wind Turbines Variable Speed
  • A Comparative study between PI and sliding mode control for the DFIG of a wind turbine
  • A comprehensive Comparison of two Behavior MPPT Techniques, the Conventional (Incremental Conductance (INC)) and Intelligent (Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC)) for Photovoltaic Systems
  • Modeling and performance analysis of a solar PV power system connected to a three phase load under irradiation and load variations
  • Intelligent Load Frequency Control in Presence of Wind Power Generation
  • ZedBoard-FPGA Control of the DFIG based Wind Power System
  • An FPGA-based control of the PMSG on Variable Wind Speed Turbine
  • Modeling and Comparison of Boost Converter With Cascaded Boost Converters
  • Fault Tolerant Control of Switch Power Converter In WECS Based on a DFIG
  • SSDI-Max control and its applications in renewable
  • Nonlinear Control of variable speed Wind Energy Conversion System based PMSG.