Planning and Operation of Plug-In Electric Vehicles [E-Book] : Technical, Geographical, and Social Aspects / by Mehdi Rahmani-Andebili.
Rahmani-Andebili, Mehdi, (author)
1st edition 2019.
Cham : Springer, 2019
XII, 245 pages 207 illustrations, 204 illustrations in color (online resource)
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This book highlights the latest advancements in the planning and operation of plug-in electric vehicles (PEV). In-depth, the book presents essential planning and operation techniques to manage the PEV fleet and handle the related uncertainties associated with the drivers' behavior. Several viewpoints are presented in the book, ranging from the local distribution companies to generation companies to the aggregators. Problems such as parking lot allocation and charging management are investigated, taking into consideration the technical, geographical, and social aspects in a smart grid infrastructure. Discusses the technical specifications of electrical distribution and generation systems; Models drivers' behavior from the sociology and economic points of view; Considers the real geographical characteristics of area and driving routes in San Francisco, CA, US; Chicago, IL, US; and Tehran, Iran.