Immunosensors [E-Book] / edited by Minhaz Uddin Ahmed, Mohammed Zourob, and Eiichi Tamiya.
Ahmed, Minhaz Uddin, (editor)
Tamiya, Eiichi, (editor) / Zourob, Mohammed, (editor)
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2019]
1 online resource (387 pages).
Detection science ; 14
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction to Immunosensors
  • Structure, Function, Orientation, Characterization and Immobilization of Antibodies for Immunosensor Development
  • Immunosensing With Electro-active Photonic Devices
  • Nanostructure-based Sensitive Electrochemical Immunosensors
  • Rapid and Repeated Measurement of Mite Allergens Using a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Immunosensor
  • Electrochemical Magneto-immunosensors as Fast and Efficient Tools for Point-of-care Diagnostics
  • Immunosensors for Food Allergens: An Overview
  • Graphene Based Immunosensors
  • Gold-nanoparticles Interface-based Electrochemical Immunosensors for Tumor Biomarkers
  • Nanocomposite-based Electrochemiluminescence Immunosensors
  • Advance Engineered Nanomaterials in Point-of-care Immunosensing for Biomedical Diagnostics
  • Immunosensors Using Screen-printed Electrodes
  • Antibodies Versus Aptamers: A Comparative View
  • Nanoimprinted Immunosensors