Java frameworks and components : accelerate your Web application development [E-Book] / Michael Nash.
Nash, Michael, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2003
1 online resource (x, 477 pages)
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This book is a practical tool for Java programmers. It provides the necessary information for them to be able to find, evaluate and select an application framework suitable to their needs. It explains in plain language the benefits of frameworks and component technologies, specifically in relation to web application development. The book is unique in that it does not focus on any specific technology, yet at the same time uses examples from several different frameworks to explain the underlying principals. This gives it a broad appeal to developers that are not sure which framework is right for their purpose, while at the same time making it a practical tool. Application frameworks are large often very complex tools that many developers do not yet fully understand. This means they cannot take advantage of the substantial benefits such a technology can bring to their development project - they often are re-inventing the wheel repeatedly. As the market for web applications begins its second wave, this book provides the critical information for developers to make the transition into componentized framework-based development, keeping them ahead in an increasingly competitive market. An emphasis on quality and globalization is maintained throughout, as these factors become essential in new projects.