Sedimentation of organic particles [E-Book] / edited by Alfred Traverse.
Traverse, Alfred, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1994
1 online resource (xii, 544 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Sedimentation of palynomorphs and palynodebris: an introduction / Alfred Traverse
  • 2. The sorting of spores and pollen by water: experimental and field evidence / Phillip L. Holmes
  • 3. Transport and deposition of pollen in an estuary: signature of the landscape / Grace S. Brush and Lucien M. Brush
  • 4. Pollen preservation in alkaline soils of the American Southwest / Vaughn M. Bryant, Jr., Richard G. Holloway, John G. Jones and David L. Carlson
  • 5. Wind and water transport and sedimentation of miospores along two rivers subject to major floods and entering the Mediterranean Sea at Calvi (Corsica, France) / Maurice Streel and Claire Richelot
  • 6. Sedimentation of land-derived palynomorphs in the Trinity-Galveston Bay area, Texas / Alfred Traverse
  • 7. The genesis and sedimentation of phytoclasts with examples from coastal environments / Robert A. Gastaldo
  • 8. Palynofacies of some recent marine sediments: the role of transportation / Claude Caratini.
  • 9. Maceral palynofacies of the Louisiana deltaic plain in terms of organic constituents and hydrocarbon potential / George F. Hart
  • 10. Organic sedimentation in a carbonate region / Jason D. Darby and George F. Hart
  • 11. An approach to a standard terminology for palynodebris / Michael C. Boulter
  • 12. Relationships of palynofacies to coal-depositional environments in the upper Paleocene of the Gulf Coast Basin, Texas, and the Powder River Basin, Montana and Wyoming / Douglas J. Nichols and David T. Pocknall
  • 13. Quaternary terrestrial sediments and spatial scale: the limits to interpretation / Richard Bradshaw
  • 14. Pollen and spores in Quaternary lake sediments as sensors of vegetation composition: theoretical models and empirical evidence / Stephen T. Jackson
  • 15. Paleoecological interpretation of the Trail Ridge sequence, and related deposits in Georgia and Florida, based on pollen sedimentation and clastic sedimentology / Fredrick J. Rich and Fredric L. Pirkle.
  • 16. Palynology of sedimentary cycles / Daniel Habib, Yoram Eshet and Robert Van Pelt
  • 17. Particulate organic matter, maceral facies models, and applications to sequence stratigraphy / George F. Hart, Mark A. Pasley and William A. Gregory
  • 18. Association of palynomorphs and palynodebris with depositional environments: quantitative approaches / Warren L. Kovach and David J. Batten
  • 19. A quantitative approach to Triassic palynology: the Lettenkeuper of the Germanic Basin as an example / W.A. Brugman, P.F. Van Bergen and J.H.F. Kerp
  • 20. Palynomorph concentration in studies of Paleogene nonmarine depositional environments of Wyoming / Martin B. Farley
  • 21. Multivariate analyses of palynomorph data as a key to depositional environments of Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene coal-bearing rocks of the western United States / R. Farley Fleming and Douglas J. Nichols.
  • 22. Relationships between depositional environments and changes in palynofloras across the K/T boundary interval / Arthur R. Sweet
  • 23. Sedimentation of palynomorphs in rocks of pre-Devonian age / Paul K. Strother
  • Modern pollen transport and sedimentation: an annotated bibliography / Martin B. Farley.