Cancer vaccines and immunotherapy [E-Book] / edited by Peter L. Stern, Peter C.L. Beverley, and Miles W. Carroll.
Stern, Peter L., (editor)
Beverley, Peter C. L., (editor) / Carroll, Miles W., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2000
1 online resource (x, 286 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Immunity and cancer /
  • Peter C.L. Beverley, Miles W. Carroll, Peter L. Sterm
  • Immunotherapy of bladder cancer /
  • Anton B. Alexandroff, Keith James
  • Poxviruses as vectors for cancer immunotherapy /
  • Miles W. Carroll, Nicholas P. Restifo
  • Vaccinia-based human papillomavirus vaccines in cervical cancer /
  • Leszek K. Borysiewicz, Stephen Man
  • Vaccine delivery and immunosuppression in cervical cancer /
  • Michael P. Rudolf, Laurie A. Small, Markwin P. Velders, Diane M. DaSilva, Sanne Weijzen, W. Martin Kast
  • Vaccines for colon cancer /
  • Howard L. Kaufman, Jeffrey Schlom
  • MUC1 vaccines and breast cancer /
  • Joyce Taylor-Papadimitriou, Joy Burchell, David W. Miles
  • Anti-idiotypic vaccination /
  • Lindy G. Durrant, Ian Spendlove, R. Adrian Robins
  • Immunotherapy and vaccination against Epstein-Barr virus-associated cancer /
  • John R. Arrand
  • Serologically identified tumour antigens as cancer vaccines /
  • Ugur Sahin, Ozlem Tureci, Michael Pfreundschuh
  • CTL-defined cancer vaccines in melanoma and other epithelial cancers /
  • Elke Jager, Dirk Jager, Alexander Knuth
  • DNA vaccines against B-cell tumours /
  • Freda K. Stevenson, Delin Zhu, Myfanwy Spellerberg, Catherine A. King, Surinder S. Sahota, Jason Rice, Andrew R. Thompsett, Terry J. Hamblin
  • Dendritic cell approaches to immunotherapy /
  • Malcolm Adams, Bharat Jasani, Camilo A.L.S. Colaco, Malcolm D. Mason
  • Overview /
  • Peter L. Stern, Peter C.L. Beverley, Miles W. Carroll
  • Recent developments /
  • Peter L. Stern.