Perception, realism, and the problem of reference [E-Book] / edited by Athanassios Raftopoulos and Peter Machamer.
Raftopoulos, Athanassios, (editor)
Machamer, Peter K., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012
1 online resource (viii, 290 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: 1. Reference, perception, and realism Athanassios Raftopoulos and Peter Machamer; 2. Towards an (improved) interdisciplinary investigation of demonstrative reference Amanda Brovold and Rick Grush; 3. Visual demonstratives Mohan Matthen; 4. Losing grip on the world: from illusion to sense-data Derek Brown; 5. Perceiving the intended model John Campbell; 6. Individuation, reference, and sortal terms Jonathan Lowe; 7. Action, perception, and reference Peter Machamer and Lisa Osbeck; 8. Personal and semantic reference Gerald Vision; 9. Reference from a behaviorist point of view Don Howard; 10. Causal-descriptivism and the reference of theoretical terms Stathis Psillos; 11. Scientific representation, denotation, and explanatory power Demetris Portides; 12. Referring to localized cognitive operations in parts of dynamically active brains William Bechtel.