The International Exhibition of 1862 : The Illustrated Catalogue of the Industrial Department. [E-Book] Volume 2, British Division 2
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1862
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Cambridge library collection. Technology
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Replete with detailed engravings, this four-volume catalogue was published to accompany the International Exhibition of 1862. Held in South Kensington from May to November, the exhibition showcased the progress made in a diverse range of crafts, trades and industries since the Great Exhibition of 1851. Over 6 million visitors came to view the wares of more than 28,000 exhibitors from Britain, her empire and beyond. Featuring explanatory notes and covering such fields as mining, engineering, textiles, printing and photography, this remains an instructive resource for social and economic historians. The exhibition's Illustrated Record, its Popular Guide and the industrial department's one-volume Official Catalogue have all been reissued in this series. Volume 2 continues with further illustrated examples of British design and innovation, featuring exhibits that one might find not only at the Victorian factory, workshop or farm, but also in the home.