A life scientist's guide to physical chemistry [E-Book] / Marc R. Roussel, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Lethbrige, Canada.
Roussel, Marc R., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012
1 online resource (xiv, 442 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: Preface; 1. Orientation: what is physical chemistry about?; A note on graph axis labels and table headings; Part I. Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy: 2. A quick tour of quantum mechanical ideas; 3. Spectroscopy; Part II. Thermodynamics: 4. Thermodynamics preliminaries; 5. The first law; 6. The second law of thermodynamics; 7. Free energy; 8. Chemical equilibrium and coupled reactions; 9. Non-ideal behavior; 10. Electrochemistry; Part III. Kinetics: 11. Basics of chemical kinetics; 12. Initial rate experiments and simple empirical rate laws; 13. Integrated rate laws; 14. Complex reactions; 15. Enzyme kinetics; 16. Techniques for studying fast reactions; 17. Factors that affect the rate constant; 18. Diffusion and reactions in solution; Appendix A. End-of-term review problems; Appendix B. Answers to exercises; Appendix C. Standard thermodynamic properties at 298.15K and 1 bar; Appendix D. Standard reduction potentials at 298.15K; Appendix E. Physical properties of water; Appendix F. The SI system of units; Appendix G. Universal constants and conversion factors; Appendix H. Periodic table of the elements, with molar masses; Appendix I. Selected isotopic masses and abundances; Appendix J. Exponentials and logarithms; Appendix K. Review of integral calculus; Index.