Modelling and managing the depressive disorders : a clinical guide [E-Book] / Gordon Parker, Vijaya Manicavasagar.
Parker, Gordon, (author)
Manicavasagar, Vijaya, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2005
1 online resource (xi, 247 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • pt. I. The current model for depressive disorders and its impact on clinical management. A declaration of independence
  • Defining and diagnosing depression
  • Depression suby-typing: independence and interdependence
  • pt. II. The diagnosis and management of melancholic and psychotic depression. Management of melancholic depression
  • Management of psychotic depression
  • Bipolar melancholic or psychotic depression
  • pt. III. An introduction to non-melancholic depression. Our model of non-melancholic depression
  • Self-esteem
  • Personality style and functioning
  • Identifying the constructs to non-melancholid cepression: stress
  • Resilience and vulnerability
  • Psychological interventions for non-melancholid depression.
  • pt. IV. Modelling and managing the non-melancholic depressive disorders. Acute stress-related non-melancholic depression
  • Acute stress-related non-melancholic depression: 'key and lock' model
  • Chronic stress-related non-melancholic depression
  • The perfectionist personality style and non-melancholic depression
  • Irritability and non-melancholic depression
  • Anxious worrying and non-melancholic depressions
  • Social avoidance and non-melancholid depression
  • Personal reserve and non-melancholid depression
  • Rejection sensitivity and non-melancholic depression
  • Self-focused personality style and non-melancholic depression
  • Self-criticsm and non-melancholic depression
  • Natural and alternative treatments for non-melancholic depression.