Reproductive skew in vertebrates : proximate and ultimate causes [E-Book] / edited by Reinmar Hager, Clara B. Jones.
Hager, Reinmar, (editor)
Jones, Clara B., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2009
1 online resource (xxi, 523 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Models of reproductive skew : outside options and the resolution of reproductive conflict / Rufus A. Johnstone and Michael A. Cant
  • Reproductive conflict and the evolution of menopause / Michael A. Cant, Rufus A. Johnstone, and Andrew F. Russell
  • Reproductive skew in female-dominated mammalian societies / Kay E. Holekamp and Anne L. Engh
  • The effects of heterogeneous regimes on reproductive skew in eutherian mammals / Clara B. Jones
  • Social skew as a measure of the costs and benefits of group living in marmots / Thea B. Wang, Peter Nonacs, and Daniel T. Blumstein
  • Explaining variation in reproductive skew among male langurs : effects of future mating prospects and ecological factors / Reinmar Hager
  • The causes and consequences of reproductive skew in male primates / Nobuyuki Kutsukake and Charles L. Nunn
  • Sociality and reproductive skew in horses and zebras / Daniel I. Rubenstein and Cassandra M. Nuñez
  • Reproductive skew in avian societies / Walter D. Koenig [and others]
  • Reproductive skew in cooperative fish groups : virtue and limitations of alternative modeling approaches / Michael Taborsky
  • Reproductive skew in primitively eusocial wasps : how useful are current models? / Jeremy Field and Michael A. Cant
  • Reproductive skew in female common marmosets : contributions of infanticide and subordinate self-restraint / David H. Abbott, Leslie Digby, and Wendy Saltzman
  • Reproductive skew in African mole-rats : behavioral and physiological mechanisms to maintain high skew / Chris G. Faulkes and Nigel C. Bennett
  • The causes of physiological suppression in vertebrate societies : a synthesis / Andrew J. Young
  • Understanding variation in reproductive skew : directions for future empirical research / Sarah J. Hodge
  • On the evolution of reproductive skew : a genetical view / W. Edwin Harris and Reinmar Hager
  • Social conflict resolution, life history, and the reconstruction of skew / Bernard J. Crespi.