Chemical genomics [E-Book] / edited by Haian Fu.
Fu, Haian, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012
1 online resource (xi, 345 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Harnessing the power of chemistry for biology and medicine / Cheryl L. Meyerkord and Haian Fu
  • Exploring biology with small organic molecules / Nicholas Aberle and Craig M. Crews
  • Chemical proteomics: a global study of protein-small molecule interactions / Akihisa Matsuyama, Yoko Yashiroda, and Minoru Yoshida
  • Diversity-oriented synthesis / Warren R.J.D. Galloway [and others]
  • Targeted chemical libraries / Gregory P. Tochtrop and Ryan E. Looper
  • Fragment-based ligand discovery / Sandra Bartoli, Antonella Squarcia, and Daniela Fattori
  • Basics and principles for building natural product-based libraries for HTS / Ronald J. Quinn
  • Essentials for high-throughput screening operations / Stewart P. Rudnicki [and others]
  • High content analysis and screening: basics, instrumentation, and applications / Paul A. Johnston
  • Phenotypic screens with model organisms / Grant N. Wheeler, Robert A. Field, and Matthew L. Tomlinson
  • Screening informatics and cheminformatics / Melinda I. Sosa [and others]
  • Basics of HTS assay design and optimization / Eduard A. Sergienko
  • Molecular sensors for transcriptional and post-transcriptional assays / Douglas S. Auld and Natasha Thorne
  • Time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer technologies in HTS / Yuhong Du and Jonathan J. Havel
  • Compound profiling with high-content screening methodology / Thomas Mayer and Stephan Schürer
  • Use of transgenic zebrafish in a phenotypic screen for angiogenesis inhibitors / Jaeki Min [and others]
  • Flow cytometry multiplexed screening methodologies / Virginia M. Salas [and others]
  • Label-free biosensor technologies in small molecule modulator discovery / Yuhong Du [and others]
  • Basic principles and practices of computer-aided drug design / Chao-Yie Yang, Denzil Bernard, and Shaomeng Wang
  • Computational approach for drug target identification / Honglin Li [and others]
  • Pharmacogenomics to link genetic background with therapeutic efficacy and safety / Mark M. Bouzyk, Weining Tang, and Brian Leyland-Jones
  • Drugs, genomic response signatures, and customized cancer therapy / Rafael Rosell, Teresa Moran, and Miguel Taron
  • Current drug targets and the druggable genome / Margaret A. Johns, Andreas Russ, and Haian Fu.